Wrongful Accusations Can Happen to Anyone – Are You Prepared?

“BANG BANG BANG! It’s 5 a.m., and I woke up to my front door being busted open. POLICE! COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS ON YOUR HEAD! I go numb, what the heck is going on? Why is there a SWAT team in my living room? Guns drawn, riot shields, more officers than I can count… This was the incredible scene I woke up to on Jan. 21, 2015. I was supposed to go to my first day of classes at WSU in a few hours to finish my degree – is this all a bad dream?

“A few confusing hours later I’m shackled to a steel desk in an interrogation room. The detective comes in and tells me in an accusatory tone that I am being charged with a terrible crime. My head is spinning. ‘I need to ask you a few questions.’ He says rudely. I know not to talk to this guy. ‘Not without counsel.’ I said. He walks out.

“On the way to be booked into jail, I asked the transporting officer if my accuser is being questioned – after all, doesn’t it seem right that someone accusing someone of such a terrible thing would have to answer a few questions? He shook his head and told me to hang in there and that most rape allegations are false. I get booked into jail.

“When it came time for my phone call, I called my brother and told him I needed to find an attorney that can defend against false charges. After just a couple calls we were given Jonathan McConnell’s name. Multiple people referred Mr. McConnell as a high-power attorney, including some comments from police later. Mr. McConnell previously worked for the Prosecutor’s office, which was a big boost of confidence.

“When I first met Mr. McConnell I instantly liked him. He was the kind of guy you’re proud to have on your side. He was nice – not some b.s. fake smile and small talk, but genuinely kind, and I felt like he cared. He’s no nice guy though – Jonathan McConnell is a fighter – he loves the fight. And fight he did. This legal system is not something you can survive without someone who knows the system from the inside and has the reputation of a pit bull. My only regret is not being there when he fought to reduce my ridiculous bond. When I spoke to my brother after the first hearing, he said, “Man you should have seen it – it was like something out of a movie watching Jon argue against the DA. We definitely have the right guy.” Then it was fight, after fight, after fight, with Mr. McConnell winning each one, frustrating the DA more and more every round.

“I was also surprised by the unbelievable amount of resources that went into the investigation that Mr. McConnell and his staff conducted. He was able to get documents and records that I don’t think most attorneys would have been able to get. He found another man that was victimized by my accuser under false charges. This man was court-martialed as the case had taken place on an Air Force base and was acquitted of charges because the accuser’s best friend testified that not only was the accuser lying, but she had also attempted to persuade said friend to lie as well. Mr. McConnell was able to track down every single one of these individuals, get signed affidavits and testimonies in the preliminary hearing (which most attorneys waive their client’s rights to, but not Mr. McConnell), which was ultimately instrumental in damaging the Prosecutor’s case and leading to dismissal of my case.

“I owe my life and my freedom to Mr. McConnell and his amazing staff, especially Lisa who treated me so nicely and worked many late nights and weekend with Jon on my behalf. I 100% believe that I would be in jail or still waiting on my trial if I had any other attorney. In fact, I have been so inspired by Mr. McConnell’s work, I have decided to go to law school and follow in his footsteps.”

– Real client testimonial posted to multiple public online sources

Wrongful accusations like these have the potential to ruin lives. And without the proper preparation and defense, you could be in the same situation with a much different outcome. If you find yourself in a situation like this, don’t say a word and call Jonathan W. McConnell, one of Wichita’s leading defense attorneys. His extensive knowledge of the justice system and what it takes to find the truth and win is what drives him round after round.

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